Getting Started with the Rehab Offer Calculator

Click on the screen image to the left to see how quick and easy it is to set up the Rehab Offer Calculator.




 Selecting Room by Room Repairs

Most repairs are selected by just checking a box in the Rehab Offer Calculator.  No complicated & time consuming measurements required!  Also includes the ability to indicate that you are doing the repair yourself (which automatically removes the labor cost).



Output Results

When you’ve finished checking boxes for repairs that the house needs, you’ll instantly be able to see the Maximum Price you should pay for the house, cost breakdowns by room and contractor and a full materials sheet.




Repairs Reports

The Rehab Offer Calculator also includes a reports generator that will automatically create:  1) room by room repair reports including labor and materials costs and 2) contractor spec sheets.  These reports can be output in Excel, pdf or both.


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